By Sean McPolin

MP Julian Brazier rejects voters demand to ‘respect the will of the people’ and oppose Article 50 in Parliament.

Voter Ian Clark took to Facebook to publicise an open letter he wrote to the Canterbury and Whitestable MP, highlighting the fact that Mr Brazier was a supporter of Brexit, but the majority of his constituency voted to ‘Remain’.

Ian Clark took to Facebook to share his open letter

Clark said: “Julian was an enthusiastic supporter of Brexit. But there’s a problem for Julian. Although the Canterbury district voted to leave, his constituency did not.

“It turns out, following the release of figures detailing the breakdown of the vote, that Herne Bay massively swung the outcome of the vote and, well, Herne Bay isn’t in his constituency.

“This places him in the almost unique position of being a parliamentarian that supports Leave in a constituency that voted Remain. The question therefore emerges: how do we ensure he respects the will of the public?”



Results can be viewed in full here.

A spokesperson for Julian Brazier explained he is always open to listen to news opinions, saying:

“Clearly he cannot be in agreement with all of his constituents all of the time, but he is elected as a representative, not a delegate, so is under no moral obligation to vote how others would like him to.

“He is, however, always prepared to listen to alternative opinions and to respect the views of those who disagree with him and hopes that others will be generous enough to do the same.”

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Canterbury and Whitsable MP Julan Brazier standing outside parliament

When speaking to The Canterbury Hub, Ian explained his decision to write the letter.

He said: “I’m a great believer in democracy at a local level. I believe that our elected representatives should actually represent the will of the people.

“Upon discovering that the Canterbury constituency voted very differently to how the Conservative MP campaigned, I thought I should do something about it.

“I was partly inspired by Spiked, who very much argued that the politicians should respect the will of the people and not seek to overturn it.”

“It will remind our MP who elects him and who he is supposed to represent.”

Mr Clark still does not have any hope that Article 50 will be stopped in parliament, he added:

“I know that the vote for Article 50 will still be carried, but I strongly believe that our local representative needs to accurately represent the people in parliament, and I fear he will not do so.

“Pressure that can be applied locally may not be effective in terms of over-turning the vote, but it will remind our MP who elects him and who he is supposed to represent.”