By Alcia Lloyd

After the infamous fried chicken thief has been taken off the streets of Canterbury, you may be wondering, ‘where can i get fried chicken in the city?’ Well you’re probably not but we’ve got you covered anyway.


  1. KFC – It’s the obvious one but is reliable, there’s more than one KFC in Canterbury, but the main ones are on the high-street and one in Maybrook retail park.

    Photo by The Local Data Company
  2. Chicken Cottage – This one’s a classic, its located on the high-street (at the bottom by West Gate towers.)

    Photo by BayB0y (Google Reviews)
  3. Nando’s – not always fried chicken but still chicken.. this ones at the bottom of the high-street to!

    Photo by Timo Kuerten (Google Reviews)
  4. Saint Smokeys –  This ones a popular restaurant, listed as a BBQ house there’s all kinds of fried and BBQ’d treats available. Its located by the cathedral.

    Photo by The Local Data Company
  5. The Penny Theatre – Wednesday is chicken day here, 25p a wing! if that doesn’t sell it to you I don’t know what will. Bargain.

    Photo by Daniel Banks (Google Reviews)

You’re welcome!